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Repair A Noisy Garage Door

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Repair A Noisy Garage Door

Is your once-silent garage door now causing a ruckus every time it opens or closes? Noisy garage doors are not only annoying but also a sign that something may be amiss with your door’s components. At SoCo Garage Door Services, we specialize in diagnosing and repairing noisy garage doors, restoring tranquility to your home.

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Noisy Garage Door Repair Services In Colorado Springs, CO

Understanding Noisy Garage Doors

Noisy garage doors can be the result of various issues, including:

  1. Lack of Lubrication: Over time, the moving parts of your garage door system may become dry and need lubrication to reduce friction and noise.

  2. Worn Rollers: Garage door rollers can wear out, causing them to produce squeaks or grinding sounds when they move along the tracks.

  3. Loose Hardware: Loose nuts, bolts, or screws can create rattling and clanking noises as your garage door operates.

  4. Misaligned Tracks: If your garage door tracks are misaligned, it can cause the rollers to scrape against the tracks, leading to noise and potential damage.

  5. Damaged Springs: Worn or damaged garage door springs can produce loud noises when they stretch and contract.

Our Noisy Garage Door Repair Process

At SoCo Garage Door Services, we have the expertise to diagnose and repair noisy garage doors effectively. Here’s how we approach the process:
SoCo Garage Door Services


Our experienced technicians conduct a thorough inspection of your garage door system to identify the source of the noise.


We apply high-quality lubricants to the necessary components, such as rollers, hinges, and springs, to reduce friction and noise.


We check and tighten any loose nuts, bolts, or screws to eliminate rattling and clanking sounds.

Roller Replacement

If worn or damaged rollers are causing the noise, we replace them with high-quality, quieter alternatives.

Track Alignment

We ensure that your garage door tracks are properly aligned to prevent scraping and noise.

Spring Repair or Replacement

If damaged springs are contributing to the noise, we repair or replace them with new, quieter springs.
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What Our Client Says

Great job! On time. Professional. They also accommodated a few of our special requests.
Janet S.
Colorado Springs
Your staff is amazing and very friendly. Brandon made every effort to do a great job and he succeeded. Haven’t had a garage door issue in months
Danielle P.
Pueblo, Fountain
They were quick and helped fix the garage door at my moms house. Thanks!
Gordon P.
Colorado Springs
The services that SoCo Garage Door Services provided helped get rid of our garage door issues permanently!
Jemima D.
Colorado Springs
They did a great job and their services worked for me. Would recommend
Carole G.
Calhan, CO
Thanks for all the help with installing a new garage door at my house.
Peter V.
Falcon, CO
Why Us

Why Choose SoCo Garage Door Services for Repair A Noisy Garage Door


Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in diagnosing and repairing noisy garage doors, ensuring a quiet and efficient operation.

Quality Products

We use high-quality lubricants, rollers, and components to ensure a long-lasting and quiet solution.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our services to address the specific issues causing the noise in your garage door.

Transparent Pricing

We provide clear and competitive pricing for our noisy garage door repair services, including all materials and labor.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are dedicated to delivering services that meet or exceed your expectations.

Restore Peace and Quiet to Your Home

Don’t let a noisy garage door disrupt your peace and tranquility. Contact SoCo Garage Door Services today to schedule a noisy garage door repair service. Our expert technicians will diagnose and resolve the issue, ensuring that your garage door operates quietly and efficiently, bringing calm back to your home.

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A noisy garage door is not only annoying but also a sign that your door may need attention. Whether it’s a lack of lubrication, worn-out rollers, loose hardware, or misaligned tracks causing the noise, SoCo Garage Door Services has the expertise to diagnose and repair the issue effectively. Contact us today to schedule your noisy garage door repair and enjoy the peace and quiet you deserve.

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